Delivery & Shipping

Delivery is a standard $8 shipping and handling charge for all orders.

We like to keep it simple.


Auckland Inner Suburbs - daily deliveries Tuesday to Saturday

Wider Auckland/Rural areas - daily deliveries Tuesday to Saturday

Warkworth/Omaha area - daily deliveries Tuesday to Saturday

Hamilton City only - daily deliveries Tuesday to Saturday


If you place your order before 3pm on the day ordered it will arrive on the delivery day listed below. 

Order Day Delivery Day        
Monday or Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday Saturday
Friday Tuesday
Saturday or Sunday Wednesday

That is not to say we cant help you if you have an urgent requirement, we will of course do our best to get your order to you depending on your location. This may also incur additional charges.

This is to ensure two things, that product does not get compromised en route, and also to ensure all meat is packed as fresh as possible. 

Your orders will be packed in an insulated box with accompanying ice packs to keep all products at their correct temperature till you arrive home to your order

The team at Food Chain will deliver your package on the next scheduled delivery day following your order using our own refrigerated delivery trucks. Please provide us with any special details and where you would like them to leave your package to ensure it is out of direct sunlight and any friendly animals don't enjoy the contents of the package before you do.

At this stage we are still making sure that your delicious cuts of meat and tasty goods arrive to you in tip top order, we are only offering the following delivery options

Wider regional delivery options will follow as soon as we can.

Thank you for your understanding

The Food Chain at Home Team