About Us

Welcome to Food Chain at Home. Our amazing country graces us with beautiful rolling hills and lush green pastures, which means our farmers can produce some of the best quality beef, pork and lamb available anywhere in the world.

The Food Chain at Home team want to bring you quality NZ meats, dairy and delicious deli products directly to you at Home, whatever the occasion. Whether a BBQ, home dinner or party, we can supply you with restaurant quality products, just like we do everyday to leading restaurants around the North Island. We say this with confidence as our parent company, Food Chain has been providing restaurants like these for more than 20 years.

Our in-house butchery and fish processing team will give each and every cut the care it deserves which will allow you to enjoy every meal to its fullest. We can also provide selected specialty sauces, imported canned and dry goods to help make a meal to remember.

The beef we source is Ruapehu Angus prime steer, our lamb is selected from the top suppliers across the country , all our chicken is free range along with our pork.

As our team has experience with each of these products we can also offer some helpful cooking tips on the best way to deal with each cut and product, alongside some great recipe ideas.

The Food Chain at Home team look forward to helping you serve your next delicious meal.